Earth Trax X Newborn Jr.
Flute Track
Jagoda Gawliczek

"We're very into that '92-'94 period of juicy techno that has loads of breakbeats, atmospheric pads, and quirky sounds."

Earth Trax and Newborn Jr. are two Warsaw-based producers and DJ’s. The former is known from his recent ambient/minimalist album on Growing Bin recorded under his own name - Bartosz Kruczynski, and a streak of sample-focused releases as one half of Ptaki. The latter - from his releases as Matat Professionals (as remixed by Willie Burns) and a series of live shows, as captured by Boiler Room.
They first met at a party in Ponzan where Bartosz first heard Bartek playing a DJ set whilst he sat behind the DJ booth eating a sandwich and getting really about stoked Bartoszs mixing - citing it as "Very precise, with an intriguing way of mixing moods and harmonies."
Out of the two Bartosz is a self professed flute man, having played around with the sound on a few Ptaki records whilst Adam is the sax guy in their 'sax and flute' collaboration, enjoying "when a beefy sax rolls in on top of a juicy disco or house track". They share a studio and their Rhythm Section debut is a result of their spontaneous long live jams trimmed into single tracks.
Mali Baden Powell and Emily Hill
Sax & Flute
Earthtrax X Newborn Jr. - Flute Track
Sax & Flute
Earth Trax X Newborn Jr.
Falling somewhere between the late night deep house excursions of Ron Trent (circa Morning Factory era) and more recent retro-leaning breakbeat driven output from the Pender Street Steppers et al, the Sax & Flute EP is a masterclass in sustain-release. Euphoria Guaranteed!