African Acid is The Future
Bradley Zero Z Lovecraft MLE
07 Oct 2017
Corsica Studios
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For our next gathering we welcome back RS favourites Dauwd, Or:la, and Germany’s wildest party that is currently taking Berlin by storm: AfricanAcidIsTheFuture

Headlining with a debut live performance of his new album, we’re excited to welcome back our old buddy & critically acclaimed producer Dauwd (Technicolour /Kompakt).
He’ll be bringing his synths and drum machines to perform in room one for the first time in the UK. Having broken through with iconic tunes such as ‘Ikopol’, ’What’s There’ and a string of excellent 12” on Kompakt Records which catapulted him into the Premier League of Electronic Music.
The latest album, ‘Theory of Colours’ landed this summer after a small hiatus and boy was it worth the wait! The album is a grand musical statement in which Dauwd transcends notions of genre to weave together a complex tapestry of sweet melody, lush textures and pervasive rhythm to create a real journey of an album that defies convention and elevates spirit. If you haven’t heard it, you absolutely must, right now!
The prospect of hearing this performed live on Corsica’s rig is something we have been looking forward to for quite some time. The fact that Dauwd is a former Peckham resident whose move to Berlin has seen him play in some of the worlds best clubs, including DJ & live performances in Panorama Bar, makes it an extra special homecoming.

Holding down Room 2 all night long is an infamous new collective to have emerged out of Berlin’s club scene: african acid is the future (AAITF). Having been described as “the most exciting thing to have happened in Berlin since the wall came down”, African Acid is taking the city by storm. Starting as a relatively straightforward gathering in one of Berlin’s many nightclubs, the psychedelic seances soon gained notoriety within the city as the go to place for an extended alternative, decidedly afrocentric dance party. With no promotion existing outside of the private group on Facebook, the word spread organically and quickly.
Arguably Berlin’s best keep secret, AAITF filled a gap that was desperately lacking in the nightlife scene over there; colourful flamboyance, decadent stage dressings and complex rhythms with a complete lack of genre specificity. All of this, with the motherland serving as the primary inspiration was a welcome break from the punishing 4/4 dominance of Berlin club music, and the people took to it immediately, creating a whole new and totally refreshing niche.
The movement quickly gained speed; last year, AAITF where invited to host an official showcase at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Maryisonacid was invited to Dj at the British pavilion at this years venice Biennial opening week….Meanwhile back home they began hosting live acts as well as DJ’s; Amadou & Mariam joined them for a late night session in Loftus Hall, alongside EU based acts like Nu Guinea, Tenderlonious and Alma Negra. Their turning point came this June when they flew the nest to host Hailu Mergia, Stella Chiweshe and the Agama collective at the Iconic, 2000 capacity Funkhaus Berlin concert hall.
From open till close, we welcome founders Maryama (Maryisonacid) and Romain (Wolfonacid aka Rouge Mécanique Musique) to hold down proceedings with the help of RS stalwart and AAITF regular Z Lovecraft. The room will be dressed with tropical plants, candles and as much foliage as we can find in the typical African Acid fashion.
We've been there, and our mind where blown - we're most excited to bring this wonderful experiment to London for the first time!

On Dj duties in room 1 we welcome breakthrough Irish selector, Or:la. By all accounts 2017 has become her year with residencies in Liverpool and Manchester and increasing international attention. With her her own party, ‘Meine Nacht’ being described as having “an atmosphere more akin to a house party than a big-ticket rave” we couldn’t think of a better suited selector to hold down room one under the red neon glow - by the sounds of it Or:la will be right at home.
When not hosting parties, holding down residencies and putting the hours in at parties up and down the country, Or:la has been busy in the studio working on music for Hotflush and her own label: Deep Sea Frequency.

Guests are joined by RS residents Bradley Zero, MLE, and African Acid veteran Z Lovecraft.

Psychadelic Poster designed with original illustrations by Patrick Savile @patricksavile -

2 rooms, 4 decks, 2 rotary mixers, 1 red neon light, a small jungle and a few crates of vinyl. Dub fx.

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