26 Jan 2019
Five Miles
From £6 ADV

While 2018 was a turbulent year in many respects, we must say that we had a blast, and felt we couldn't have ended it in a better way than our last two festive blow outs at Corsica and Ghost Notes.
As 2019 arrives, we're bringing things back to basics ( and north of the river) for a night showcasing some of the UK's most exciting prospects alongside bossman Bradley Zero at the Wonderful Five Miles, which has recently undergone a full sound system refurb( not that it really needed it!) so the frequencies should be sweeter than ever..

It's also worth noting, that after this event, Rhythm Section will be taking a little break until July. Yes, it sounds like a long time, but we have a very important announcement to make very soon that will more than fill the gap, plus.... rest assured we'll be back stronger than ever.
That said, this is the last RS dance for some time, so come thru and make the most of it with us north of the river. We're keeping the price down and the vibes high!


2019 is gonna be a big one for yak. He’s resident of one of the most exciting parties in the north (Pretty Pretty Good) that count Objekt, Young Marco, Hunee, Lena Willikens and our own man BZ as regulars
He released a super underground hit on cult berlin label VERSION (Mido/Darunia) which was RA label of the month.... and his latest EP is a breakthrough release on Martyn's 3024 which was an instant sellout and sub woofer destroying monster that has caught all the right peoples attention and set him on track to be a very serious player in the scene.
Long story short, Yak is a super exciting prospect who traverses the UK soundscape with ease. From wolf muller-esque slo-mo percussion work outs to no holes barred 170 bpm jungle, we should be in for a pretty pretty good time!


SE15’s finest MC, and our one-to-watch for 2019.
We're most chuffed to have Pinty inaugurate our first party of the year with a special LIVE PA.
EP dropping soon, keep eyes and ears peeled and hear some of the new tracks live on the night!

Yak and Pinty are joined by RS residents MLE and Bradley Zero.

Artwork by Pointless Illustrations

2 decks, a rotary mixer, 1 red neon light and a few crates of vinyl. Dub fx.

Door Tax


from £6 via RA:

Cheapies before midnight coming soon…

MOTD always, don't be late to avoid that queue.


1. be nice

2. no photos on the dancefloor plz... (take them outside before u get in a la Berghain)