Andrew Ashong
Jayda G
Kickin’ Pigeon
Ruf Dug anu Z Lovecraft
24 Mar 2017
Hidden Manchester
£8 / 10 / 12 / MOTD
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Rhythm Section x Ruf Kutz present Andrew Ashong, Jayda G, Zaltan & crew to Manchester...another night of uncomplicated joy at Hidden awaits!

Rhythm Section & Ruf Kutz are very excited to bring ANDREW ASHONG, JAYDA G and ZALTAN to Manchester for a terrific 2-room throwdown together with a full complement of RS x RK talent on the support, headed up by your team captains Bradley Zero and Ruf Dug.

Andrew Ashong (Sound Signature / London) - music maker, record dealer, Worldwide Award winnner, Theo Parrish collaborator, band leader and badass selector - Forest Hill's finest ticks all our boxes.

Jayda G (Freakout Cult / 1080p / Vancouver) - yet another BC sensation, Jayda is on the verge of eclipsing all her fellow Canadians with her super high energy DJ sets that are fast earning her a rep as one of the finest DJs on or off 'the circuit'; mixmag tipped her as one of 2016's breakthrough artists and we have first hand evidence of her outrageous techniques. Her session at RS London was a highlight of the year.

Zaltan (Antinote / Paris) - the bossman of one of the best labels of recent times, Zaltan is a tastemaker (and wine-taster) par excellence. Early adopters have been vibing off this guy's hectic DJ sets for some time now; his ability to spot bomb tunes that others can't find extends to his record collecting as well; we've played with this guy before and believe us he has ALL the tunes.

Of course your fine hosts BRADLEY ZERO & RUF DUG will be popping up at just the right time to deliver ultimate satisfaction and the Rhythm Section / Ruf Kutz support crew of ANU, KICKIN' PIGEON & Z LOVECRAFT are gonna be making sure that the Peckham-Manchester connection will get a solid reinforcement.

Above all, this entire lineup is basically a big old bunch of pals. We all know each other, we all like each other and we just wanna get together in the best club in Manchester and have a sick party. Come and join us!

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MOTD. don't sleep

See you on the dance floor. X x

Vels Trio
Laura Misch
Bradley Zero
14 Jun 2018

For round 2 of our Jazz Cafe collaboration in 2018 we proudly usher in our very own 30/70 to deliver the full force of Melbourne Soul. With Vels Trio, coming from the Total Refreshment Centre stable and acclaimed songwriter Laura Misch also joining us, it’s set to be our best show to date.