Andrew Ashong
Jayda G
Kickin’ Pigeon
Ruf Dug anu Z Lovecraft
24 Mar 2017
Hidden Manchester
£8 / 10 / 12 / MOTD
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Rhythm Section x Ruf Kutz present Andrew Ashong, Jayda G, Zaltan & crew to Manchester...another night of uncomplicated joy at Hidden awaits!

Rhythm Section & Ruf Kutz are very excited to bring ANDREW ASHONG, JAYDA G and ZALTAN to Manchester for a terrific 2-room throwdown together with a full complement of RS x RK talent on the support, headed up by your team captains Bradley Zero and Ruf Dug.

Andrew Ashong (Sound Signature / London) - music maker, record dealer, Worldwide Award winnner, Theo Parrish collaborator, band leader and badass selector - Forest Hill's finest ticks all our boxes.

Jayda G (Freakout Cult / 1080p / Vancouver) - yet another BC sensation, Jayda is on the verge of eclipsing all her fellow Canadians with her super high energy DJ sets that are fast earning her a rep as one of the finest DJs on or off 'the circuit'; mixmag tipped her as one of 2016's breakthrough artists and we have first hand evidence of her outrageous techniques. Her session at RS London was a highlight of the year.

Zaltan (Antinote / Paris) - the bossman of one of the best labels of recent times, Zaltan is a tastemaker (and wine-taster) par excellence. Early adopters have been vibing off this guy's hectic DJ sets for some time now; his ability to spot bomb tunes that others can't find extends to his record collecting as well; we've played with this guy before and believe us he has ALL the tunes.

Of course your fine hosts BRADLEY ZERO & RUF DUG will be popping up at just the right time to deliver ultimate satisfaction and the Rhythm Section / Ruf Kutz support crew of ANU, KICKIN' PIGEON & Z LOVECRAFT are gonna be making sure that the Peckham-Manchester connection will get a solid reinforcement.

Above all, this entire lineup is basically a big old bunch of pals. We all know each other, we all like each other and we just wanna get together in the best club in Manchester and have a sick party. Come and join us!

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MOTD. don't sleep

See you on the dance floor. X x

Bradley Zero
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