Tolouse Low Trax
Job Sifre
Alek Lee
Bradley Zero
25 May 2018
Copeland Gallery Warehouse
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After an excellent dance at Five Miles, we come back to home territory for a Warehouse Party with an excellent cast of DJs & Producers making their mark on sound of left of centre electronic music. We step up to Copeland Gallery Warehouse with a Function 1 Soundsystem, a late license and of course our guests Alek Lee, Job Sifre and Tolouse Low Trax (Live).


Another esteemed graduate if not professor of the Salon des Amateurs in Dusseldorf which has brought us Lena WIllikens, Bufiman aka Jan Schulte aka Wolf Muller, and Vladimir Ivkovic. Tolouse Low Trax brings his psych chug live set, armed with synths of mass destruction and an MPC to drop an hour of absolute power. His productions sit between acid, new wave, kraut and house music with a desire to trip the mind and body. Don’t miss it!

Job Sifre

De School resident and cult selector Job Sifre is a superb Dutch DJ who has quietly risen the ranks of the European festival circuit with an eclectic mix of New Wave, EBM, industrial, synth pop and electro. His DJ style combines decades with ease and reflects our generations desire to dig up old treasures whilst simultaneously crafting new records with those influences manifested. Busy in the studio, Job released an amazing EP ‘Worries’ last year on Interstellar Funk’s Artificial Dance which could be described as early Front Line Assembly meets Absolute Body Control - in other words a new record steeped in the past. Job Sifre makes his London & RS debut, and we can’t wait to welcome him in the booth.

Alek Lee

Tel Aviv's Alek Lee joins us on his European Tour, bringing his signature brand of psychedelic Klezmer inspired electronic music. Klezmer is the traditional music of Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe. Alek Lee’s production lifts elements of this style and transfuses it with stylistic elements of Dub, New-Beat, and Psych. Alek Lee broke out with his stellar EP last year on Antinote Records, namely ’Sfarot’. Between then he released on our Compilation for Dominica and returns to Antinote this month with a new EP ‘Colors’. An experienced DJ and selector with regular appearances at Tel Aviv clubbing institutions such as Breakfast Club and Alphabet, he makes his UK debut to remember.

Bradley Zero, our founder, will be your host and resident DJ bringing forth the trippier section of his record collection.

Artwork by Josh Wiley (Body Motion)

2 decks, a rotary mixer, 1 red neon light and a few crates of vinyl. Dub fx. Function 1 soundsystem.

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Bradley Zero
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