String Theory  —  Modularity

The EP is an exciting fusion of jazz and house, which is clear from the get-go with opener “Dirty High”. The track is made up of energetic drums and swelling synths that seem to shimmer across the surface of its playful melody. Next up is “Mr Tiger”, full of jazzy synths that oscillate on either side of steady beats, before eventually giving way to catchy little piano riffs.

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Peckham Strong Established 2009

Here is our discography - established 2014 and continuing into the future and beyond!
'Peckham Strong'

We started Rhythm Section International in 2014, putting out 3 stompers alone that year with many more in the pipeline. In January of the following year we were nominated for 'Label of the Year' at Giles Peterson's Worldwide awards (not off to a bad start!). Since then we've released more records from artists across the world for your listening pleasure. We are distributed worldwide by RUBADUB and in the USA by FIT DISTRO.

Published: Wed 20 Apr