Back In The Millennium
Back In The Millenium

FYI Chris  —  Back In The Millenium

"Title track ‘Back In The Millennium’ sits more on a hypnotic house vibe, mixing chalky rhythms, chord stabs and soft horn lines with miscellaneous voice samples."

As spring dawns, Rhythm Section International go from Local Artist to a pair of very ‘local’ artists – Peckham’s very own Chris Watson + Chris Coupe; otherwise known as FYI CHRIS, who present the ‘Back In The Millennium’ EP as the labels 5th offering.

The EP was born after a rather hazy late night listening session at Rhythm Section HQ, where bossman Bradley Zero was instantly beguiled by the Duo’s hypnotic and rhythmically complex arrangements.
The record begins abrasively with the trance-inducing mechanical stutter of ‘back in the millennium’, before shuffling into downbeat number ‘Jeru’ and then picks things up with the peak time groove of ‘need i say more’ before bringing us back down to earth with the melancholic acid bump of ‘dedication’.
Early support from Osunlade, MR.G, Ryan Elliott & Damiano Von Eckhert

Ready for Club Use.
Back In The Millennium
Need I Say More
Back In The Millenium

Sometimes one of us will really want to use a break or sample so we just get to chopping.

Comprised of two Chris's, Watson and Coupe are two similarly named producers making beats in South London. Two genuine nice guys known for their dusty house and chalky rhythms these boys are forces to be reckoned with.
Sitting behind the counter at Rye Wax and nestled amongst the release catalogue of Rhythm Section, FYI Chris sit proudly as part of the furniture in SE15. They met through friends at university and connected over a deep rooted love for music spanning from their childhood. Influenced individually by their families to learn how to play instruments at a young age, they found inspiration in each other and became the duo we know and love today. They take a strictly laid back approach to making tunes by having a jam and having some fun, never mulling over something for too long, because if it doesn't work in the moment its time to move on. Surrounded by music in their day jobs these boys have the tunes and are ready to take you on a journey of sonic discovery.
Emily Hill
Published Tue 21 Jun