Neue Grafik  —  Innervision

From the deep, gorgeous title track (which also features the vocal stylings of Wayne Snow) to the swung grooves of "Dance to Yemanja" and the closing cut's haunting melancholic edge, each of the tracks on Innervision delve into a different side of Neue Grafik's sound and forms his most complete statement yet.

The record itself takes cues from the broken-beat sound of London while paying homage to the Parisian house dance scene. Largely sample based, but also employing much more live instrumentation than ever before, Neue Grafik’s music is informed by movement and in turn offers so much for Dancers to respond to.The EP begins with the lysergic ebbs and flows of ‘Innervision’, (in which Wayne Snow graces the record with a sublime vocal performance) and moves effortlessly to the uplifting bruk of ‘Dance to Yemanja’ via the staccato of ‘ to Peckham Rye’ (a homage to the labels origins), before finishing on the hauntingly melancholic tones of ‘Aulnay’s Tears’ - an homage to the victims of police brutality in the Parisian Suburb in 2017.
With releases on 22a, Beat X Changers and Wolf Music and a whole host of exciting plans for the near future - we’re very pleased to welcome Monsieur Grafik onboard!
Dance to Yemanja
Peckham Rye
Barbes Interlude
Why You
Aulnay’s Tears

"This music is like a journey from Paris to London, from Ourcq to Peckham Rye, from virtual reality to spirituality. I'm glad to show this vision of our earth, in search of deep innervision and finally in struggle with our real world. Bless for every listeners, bless for my family, my friends, Wayne Snow, Raph Stora, my unicorn, and obviously bless Rhythm Section."

It’s the product of a mixture of roots and a wide-ranging palette of inspiration. When listening to his music you can hear the sound of Paris (his hometown), its music and cultural legacy, the ethnic sounds of Africa, as well as House, Jazz, Broken Beat and Hip-Hop.
With 4 records behind him on esteemed labels like Beat X Changers, S3A Records and 22a, French producer and DJ Fred Bwelle aka Neue Grafik has quickly risen as one of the most promising acts to come out of the new French and European electronic scene. His sound is best described as eclectic and versatile. n 2016 Neue Grafik launched his own label VERTV, he released 2 records (Roy on Beat X Changers and Ukiyo on Wolf Music), he composed 3 tracks on Wayne Snow’s debut album alongside Max Graef and Nu Guinea released in early 2017 and started a new live project called Raheem Experience with fellow French producers Mad Rey and LB aka Labat.
Published Wed 07 Mar