Con Moto

String Theory  —  Modularity

The EP is an exciting fusion of jazz and house, which is clear from the get-go with opener “Dirty High”. The track is made up of energetic drums and swelling synths that seem to shimmer across the surface of its playful melody. Next up is “Mr Tiger”, full of jazzy synths that oscillate on either side of steady beats, before eventually giving way to catchy little piano riffs.

We don’t know where the RS crew keep finding these gems, but long may it continue. String Theory tick so many boxes we just can’t wait to hear more...
Dirty High
Mr Tiger
Con Moto
Modularity without a map; musicality without borders; experimentation with no limits...

It turns out jazz musician and videogame composer Broomhall’s nascent musicality received its early nourishment via the likes of Weather Report and The Crusaders, whilst north of the border, guitarist and drummer Letton’s musical evolution had taken a jolt sideways following an unexpected appointment with Nightmares On Wax, setting him on a stellar journey of impeccable record selection, a decade of DJ-ing and a daylight gig with legendary Glasgow-based vinyl distributor Rubadub.
Not just an intersection of paths and meeting of minds, String Theory is a fusion of talents and deeply embedded influences from house, electronica and hip-hop to jazz, soul and gospel. A unified whole larger than the sum of its parts. Musical explorers Pete Letton and John Broomhall unwittingly collided at a grand game jam session in Edinburgh where Letton’s unique beats and sick modular synth sequences became mysteriously mixed with Broomhall’s funky electric piano grooves and relentless keyboard bass skills. Sparks flew. Neurons fired. String Theory’s refreshingly musical debut EP ‘Modularity’ has fortuitously found its spiritual home with Bradley Zero’s respected Rhythm Section International stable from where it’s been attracting global attention. With much more expected from this Glasgow-based duo - both studio and live - we’re pleased to report their second EP is cooking nicely.
John Broomhall
Published Mon 07 May