Earthtrax X Newborn Jr. - Flute Track
Sax & Flute

Earth Trax X Newborn Jr.  —  Sax & Flute

"Peckham's finest are back with another 12" custom built for discerning dancers. "

Rhythm Section look to Poland once more for two of the most uplifting tracks of the year. Earth Trax (known for his productions as The Phantom & one half of Ptaki) and newcomer Newborn Junior pull two absolute classics out of the bag here that do what they say on the tin. Both Sax Track and Flute Track centre around ecstatic MIDI melodies on (you guessed it) Saxophone and Flute! Falling somewhere between the late night deep house excursions of Ron Trent (circa Morning Factory era) and more recent retro-leaning breakbeat driven output from the Pender Street Steppers et al, the Sax & Flute EP is a masterclass in sustain-release. Euphoria Guaranteed - or your money back!
Sax Track
Flute Track
Sax & Flute

"We're very into that '92-'94 period of juicy techno that has loads of breakbeats, atmospheric pads, and quirky sounds."

They first met at a party in Ponzan where Bartosz first heard Bartek playing a DJ set whilst he sat behind the DJ booth eating a sandwich and getting really about stoked Bartoszs mixing - citing it as "Very precise, with an intriguing way of mixing moods and harmonies."
Earth Trax and Newborn Jr. are two Warsaw-based producers and DJ’s. The former is known from his recent ambient/minimalist album on Growing Bin recorded under his own name - Bartosz Kruczynski, and a streak of sample-focused releases as one half of Ptaki. The latter - from his releases as Matat Professionals (as remixed by Willie Burns) and a series of live shows, as captured by Boiler Room. Out of the two Bartosz is a self professed flute man, having played around with the sound on a few Ptaki records whilst Adam is the sax guy in their 'sax and flute' collaboration, enjoying "when a beefy sax rolls in on top of a juicy disco or house track". They share a studio and their Rhythm Section debut is a result of their spontaneous long live jams trimmed into single tracks.
Mali Baden Powell and Emily Hill
Published Wed 23 Nov