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" "Gundagai" is also the first sign that the EP is going to be hard not to like, with its charming guitar and synth cascades and glimmering bass creating a beautiful background scene."

London’s Rhythm Section International and Sydney’s Plastic World team up to present This Place EP by Retiree.

Fuelled by his passion for contemporary Australian music, Bradley Zero (RS INTL boss) caught wind of the band and was quick in declaring their debut release, a limited 12” on Plastic World, as one of the best of 2013. This Place EP is the product of an ensuing cross-continental relationship and offers a fleshed out introduction to the Sydney four-piece’s sound with three immersive, sprawling tracks.

Drawing from the leftfield avant-pop of Arthur Russell and Talking Heads, progressive disco of Nile Rodgers and contemporary ambient electronica, Retiree channel these through their own pervasive aura of rum-drunk antipodean sunshine. The result is music that is in equal parts lush, thoughtful melody and meditative tropical rhythm.

The EP sees joint international release from Peckham, London label Rhythm Section International who released the instant classic debut of Al Dobson Jr, and were nominated for label of the year at Gilles Peterson’s 2015 worldwide awards, as well as purveyors of southern hemisphere groove-driven underground pop Plastic World (GL, Savoir).

It will be accompanied by three conceptually related yet geographically disparate videos, filmed between Sydney, Melbourne and London.
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This Place
This Place

People do struggle to describe our music. All four of us write songs for Retiree so they can spur from different directions and influences. When one of us brings an idea or track to the band it tends to morph and change a lot through jamming, adding vocals and experimenting with instrumentation. Melody and rhythm always seem to bubble up in every song.

Newly born, Retiree recently kicked its way through the musical birth sac and into Sydney’s live scene, with a spate of vitalising performances.
Retiree are a modern band for a modern age. Excellent music, and excellent values. The four mammals who take stage, Tori Holleman, Ryan Powderly, Marco Vella and Matt Crowley have shimmied their road cases through many tight stage doors over the last twelve months, consistently presenting an evolving repertoire of artful tracks to thirsty ears. The band’s well-arranged melodies and ideas are translated by a variety of instruments both electronic and acoustic, and are importantly not lost during performance. Among those recently engaged were founders of Sydney’s burgeoning Plastic World label – swiftly leading to a distribution deal and subsequent EP to be released early in November. The allusive sound of Retiree draws influence from no obvious single thread, instead an evolving project with no predictable narrowness. Dance record commissars, Suzanne Kraft (Running Back Records) and Andras Fox (Home Loan Records), have leapt with uncommon keenness at the offer to remix the single from the upcoming 12" release. It is likely then that the EP will give listeners a refreshing emulsion of dance floor cadence and tempered vibrancy – something not seen all that often on debut releases.
Published Tue 21 Jun