Well Well
Well Well

Hidden Spheres  —  Well Well

"Capturing the feeling of Summer is a pretty cliché way to describe, well, just about anything. But to hell with it, the Manchester-based DJ and producer Hidden Spheres has done it...again."

Rhythm Section International’s 12th release comes from another Mancunian called Tom, this time going by the name of Hidden Spheres. We are issuing a * FEEL­GOOD HIT OF THE SUMMER* alert for the title track, ‘Well, Well’, ­a certified, yet sophisticated banger, ready to send that festival crowd one step closer to transcendence.

A versatile EP spanning over 5 tracks, Well Well is a house­tinged, jazzy affair ­rich in soulful vocals, summery chords and live percussion. Hidden Spheres is a seasoned dj and producer, having released on the likes of Moods & Grooves alongside Theo Parrish, Andrés, MR. G and Moodymann as well as producing the inaugural release for Lobster Theremin imprint Distant Hawaii. With a wealth of records ready to go, constrained only by pressing plant schedules, RS012 marks the first in a flurry of summer releases on Rhythm Section International.
Well Well
Too Soon
Sleeping Eyes
Your Effect
Well Well

"I’ve started songs and finished songs in my studio, on the train, in a hotel…"

A seasoned DJ and artist with now landmark releases on Lobster Theremin’s sibling label Distant Hawaii, Moods and Grooves (joining the likes of Andrés and Theo Parrish) and his Rhythm Section International debut earlier this year
Hidden Spheres, aka, Tom from Manchester - delved head first into making music, always looking for new ways to make beats. His own productions, one could summarise, as impeccable euphoric blissed-out Detroit inspired house with flirtations in jazzy hip hop. But that's half the story. His prowess cannot be understated. A natural born selector and wicked producer.
Published Thu 07 Jul