Rhythm Section w/ Bradley Zero & Sean OD
Long time friend of the label, Neue Grafik, steps forth with his most fully realised offering to date. This record has been a long time coming, born out of a encounter in Paris back in 2016. This meeting of minds led to a blossoming friendship between Fred ( Neue Grafik) and Bradley ( RS INTL) which has taken them across 3 continents, countless dance-floors and finally crystallised onto this 12”.
Bradley Zero Presents: Rhythm Section Valentines Special
Rhythm Section INTL continues its quest to unearth the rawest new talent with this stellar debut from Glaswegian duo ‘String Theory’. Opening up with the majestic ‘Dirty High’ we’re treated to a symphony of modular synthesis, swelling strings and the bounciest drums we’ve heard in a long time. Rarely has house music been so fun yet so musical. Live bass-tip toes over an ocean of synth stabs and piano chords to create an anthemnic track that’s sure to be the soundtrack to long summer nights and early mornings…
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