Rhythm Section w/ Frankie Valentine & Mystic Jungle
Rhythm Section w/ Bradley Zero & Irfan Rainy
Rhythm Section w/ Bradley Zero & 30/70
Rhythm Section w/ Champagne Funk & Pellegrino
Rhythm Section w/ Bradley Zero - THE END - 7 YEARS OF LAST SONGS AT RHYTHM SECTION
Rhythm Section w/ Bradley Zero & London Modular Alliance
House Or Home
Australian group Retiree return to Rhythm Section INTL in 2018 with a new record ‘House Or Home’.

The musical project of Matt Crowley, Tori Holleman and Marco Vella; Retiree have steadily congealed their broad influences into a unique emulsion of strongly rhythmic and emotional music. From two releases, they’ve been described as “pared back 1980s comfort pop for all occasions”, having “a whole lot of criss-crossing rhythm”, containing “swirling synth flourishes, languid wistful vocals and strutting drum machines".

Tropical Bleu
The new single from PINTY, out now on Rhythm Section INTL

see video here:

This video is loosely based on events that happened in a club in South London in 2016 with Pinty and Andrew Gilman.

EP - 'City Limits' out early 2019