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Rhythm Section International

Rhythm Section International. Founded in Peckham in 2014 by Bradley Zero, out of the South London Institution that is Rhythm Section. In our founding year we released what has become known as the Peckham trilogy, with tunes from Al Dobson Jr, Prequel and some other fantastic beat makers. We were nominated for 'Label of the Year' in January 2015 for Giles Peterson's Worldwide awards - (off to a good start!) Over the past few years our selection of releases have continued to grow, along with our impulsive desire to share music with people. From the likes of Henry Wu, Chaos in the CBD and many more on our talented roster of musical gifts. We continues to expand from our humble suburban origins to confidently touching different corners of the world - delivering pure delights to your ears. We are distributed worldwide by RUBADUB and in the USA by FIT DISTRO.

Latest Releases

Forest Floor
Sitting somewhere between electro, house and techno with a healthy dose of breaks - LT constructs complex arrangements with as much of a nod to the retro summer of love stylings of Lone as to the new age bounce of the Pender Street Steppers. The piano house stabs of ‘Untitled (Chesney)’ reverberate around chopped breaks and screaming samples, anchored down by bouncy organ bass and FM lead synth which really begs the question: ‘How did LT develop such a rich lexicon of club culture references in such a short time?’ We’d be tempted to believe it was just pure luck, if this mastery of rave aesthetics wasn’t repeated throughout the EP...

Rhythm Section INTL continues its quest to unearth the rawest new talent with this stellar debut from Glaswegian duo ‘String Theory’. Opening up with the majestic ‘Dirty High’ we’re treated to a symphony of modular synthesis, swelling strings and the bounciest drums we’ve heard in a long time. Rarely has house music been so fun yet so musical. Live bass-tip toes over an ocean of synth stabs and piano chords to create an anthemnic track that’s sure to be the soundtrack to long summer nights and early mornings…
Long time friend of the label, Neue Grafik, steps forth with his most fully realised offering to date. This record has been a long time coming, born out of a encounter in Paris back in 2016. This meeting of minds led to a blossoming friendship between Fred ( Neue Grafik) and Bradley ( RS INTL) which has taken them across 3 continents, countless dance-floors and finally crystallised onto this 12”.
30/70 is, at its core, a quintet made up of Allysha, Ziggy, Henry, Thhomas & Jarrod that swells up to an 11 piece ensemble as and when the music calls for it. The sound of 30/70 is a cosmic mélange of boom-bap dynamics, neo-soul harmonies and jazz-funk licks, all steeped in a deep spiritual tradition reaching from Alice Coltrane to Kamasi Washington.


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Misrepresented 30/70 Single

Misrepresented 30/70 Single

Having discovered the Melbourne based band at the tail end of 2015, Bradley quickly became a huge fan of the 30/70 sound through their debut album COLD RADDISH COMA.
Fast-forward 2 years, 4 summers in 2 hemispheres and many wonderful moments soundtracked to their spiritual jazz influenced texttures, dilla era beats and neo-soul melodies and we have a serious collaboration on our hands

Rhythm Section are proud to announce that we’ll be releasing a record with one of our favourite bands in the world: 30/70. The album will be out in the next couple months, but in the mean time we have a single dropping on 25th august.
“Misrepresented" is both a cry for help and a call to arms, it balances delicate poetry and potent aggression with ease - all of this done with a beguiling pop sensibility.

Tue 15 Aug

Latest Video

30/70 30/70 – Misrepresented Video