Bradley Zero
26 Jan 2019

As 2019 arrives, we're bringing things back to basics ( and north of the river) for a night showcasing some of the UK's most exciting prospects alongside bossman Bradley Zero at the Wonderful Five Miles, which has recently undergone a full sound system refurb( not that it really needed it!) so the frequencies should be sweeter than ever..

Forest Floor
Sitting somewhere between electro, house and techno with a healthy dose of breaks - LT constructs complex arrangements with as much of a nod to the retro summer of love stylings of Lone as to the new age bounce of the Pender Street Steppers. The piano house stabs of ‘Untitled (Chesney)’ reverberate around chopped breaks and screaming samples, anchored down by bouncy organ bass and FM lead synth which really begs the question: ‘How did LT develop such a rich lexicon of club culture references in such a short time?’ We’d be tempted to believe it was just pure luck, if this mastery of rave aesthetics wasn’t repeated throughout the EP...

After a blistering end to 2016, Rhythm Section INTL begins its 2017 schedule with a second outing from local Peckham duo FYI Chris.
Midnight In Peckham EP
Rhythm Section International proudly presents it’s 8th offering from local boys
Chaos in the CBD
. Born in New Zealand, but based in Peckham for the last few years (literally just around the corner from Henry Wu and Bradley Zero), these brothers have made a real mark on the scene here in London town and with their latest set of productions are set to take this message further afield.
30/70 is, at its core, a quintet made up of Allysha, Ziggy, Henry, Thhomas & Jarrod that swells up to an 11 piece ensemble as and when the music calls for it. The sound of 30/70 is a cosmic mélange of boom-bap dynamics, neo-soul harmonies and jazz-funk licks, all steeped in a deep spiritual tradition reaching from Alice Coltrane to Kamasi Washington.
Good Morning Peckham
After a string of well received releases on the likes of 22a and Alexander Nut’s Hotep, Henry Wu steps forth with his most bold statement to date with ‘Good Morning Peckham’ on the Rhythm Section International Imprint.
Rhythm Section w/ Bradley Zero
Rhythm Section w/ Bradley Zero & Pinty
Tropical Bleu
The new single from PINTY, out now on Rhythm Section INTL

see video here:

This video is loosely based on events that happened in a club in South London in 2016 with Pinty and Andrew Gilman.

EP - 'City Limits' out early 2019
House Or Home
Australian group Retiree return to Rhythm Section INTL in 2018 with a new record ‘House Or Home’.

The musical project of Matt Crowley, Tori Holleman and Marco Vella; Retiree have steadily congealed their broad influences into a unique emulsion of strongly rhythmic and emotional music. From two releases, they’ve been described as “pared back 1980s comfort pop for all occasions”, having “a whole lot of criss-crossing rhythm”, containing “swirling synth flourishes, languid wistful vocals and strutting drum machines".

Rhythm Section w/ Bradley Zero & London Modular Alliance
Rhythm Section w/ Bradley Zero - THE END - 7 YEARS OF LAST SONGS AT RHYTHM SECTION
Rhythm Section w/ Champagne Funk & Pellegrino
Rhythm Section w/ Bradley Zero & 30/70
Rhythm Section w/ Bradley Zero & Irfan Rainy
Rhythm Section w/ Frankie Valentine & Mystic Jungle
Rhythm Section w/ Bradley Zero & Bad Channel
Rhythm Section w/ Bradley Zero & FYI Chris
Rhythm Section w/ Bradley Zero, Edd Fisher & Simon TK
Rhythm Section w/ Prequel & Chaos in the CBD
Rhythm Section w/ MLE and Dawit Eklund
Rhythm Section w/ 30/70
Rhythm Section w/ Bradley Zero & Mallard